HVAC Design services

  • Central AC Plants with Water Cooled/Air Cooled/VAM Chillers
  • Secondary Variable AC Systems
  • Primary Variable AC Systems
  • Design of Cooling Towers
  • DX Split/Packaged Air-Conditioning Systems
  • DX VRV Air Conditioning Systems
  • Radiant Cooling/Heating System
  • Under Floor Air Conditioning System
  • Fresh Air and Energy Recovery Systems
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation Using VAV’s
  • Space Heating
  • Air Cooling
  • Toilet and Pantry Ventilation Systems
  • Kitchen Ventilation System
  • Basement General and Smoke Ventilation
  • Fire Compartmentation
  • Ventilation of Utility Rooms
  • Pressurization System for Stairwells, Lift wells and Lift Lobbies
  • Smoke Evacuation of Egress Paths
  • Atrium Smoke Venting

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